Brazen Hawks

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
Standing Force 
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
23rd Founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Imperial Fists
Fortress-Monastery - 
Colours -  
None, Penitence crusade
Gene-seed purity - 
Chapter Demeanour - 
Suffer Not The Works Of Heretics
Gene-seed mutation - 
No known mutations
Chapter's Flaw - 
Faith in Suspicion
Chapter homeworld - 
None, stripped due to penitence crusade
Chapter organisation - 
Unique - Black Templar's
Combat doctrine - 
Stealth and Close Combat
Special equipment - 
Blessed Wargear
Chapters' beliefs - 
The Emperor above all else
Chapter strength - 
Understrength due to penitence crusade
Chapter friendly - 
Black Templars
Chapter's enemies - 
Inquisition, Slaanesh,
Battle Cry - 
For Honour, For the Emperor

The Brazen Hawks have by all accounts, including those of Terra, the Inquisition and even the chapters own, ceased to exist. There has been no active sighting of a battle brother of the brazen hawks for more than 300 years. However, the chapter is not extinct, at least not yet. There remains a hand full of battle brothers, more devoted to the god emperor then ever before, fighting on, even as the number of active marines dwindles to less than a company’s worth. However, there is hope on the horizon, the 606 year penitence crusade is almost over, the gene seed of the chapter is stable and pure and the chapter's apothecaries stand ready, all that remains is to survive and find a suitable new recruiting ground.

The chapter is nearing the end of a penitent crusade as a result of treachery from within their own ranks, when the company captain of the 8th, an old and disgruntled veteran, tried to usurp the chapter master. The resultant civil war was bloody and protracted but more importantly it cost the imperium a whole star system to the Tau, as the Hawks became more interested in their own affairs that that of the imperium and deserted their duty and allowing the xenos threat to run rampant.

The worlds were later retaken at great cost to the imperium and it was during these actions that some redemption was attained, enough for a Emperors champion of the Black Templar's to speak up and have the chapter from the full wrath of the inquisition. Those that remained in the chapter, nearly 400 marines, accepted the penitent crusade without pause, and in return for the faith shown by the Black Templar's, reorganised themselves into a Templar's style crusader force and took many of the Templar's beliefs and ideologies. 

The chapter was originally a successor of the imperial fists, created as a standing force to guard against an unknown threat from the ghoul stars on the eastern fringe, as divined by the Emperor's Tarot. The chapter homeworld was a small hive world, densely populated with plenty of recruits for the chapter to pick. As the chapter was rarely involved in anything more that skirmishes and minor rebellions they were rarely at less than full strength. The chapter were also strict adherents to the codex astartes, viewing any variation or diversion as an affront to the Emperor.
Brazen Hawk

The fall of the 8th

The event around the chapters demise are often referred to as the fall of the 8th, for it was the 8th company of Captain Arras, that were the first to rebel. Whilst many are quick to suggest that they had fallen to chaos, the truth is far darker, for none had indeed fallen but had simply followed a disgruntled old man into a fight that got out of control. What had started as a personal disagreement between two old warriors quickly became a vendetta and open hostility , before finally becoming all out war between them. Arras and chapter master Halas had once been inniates together but had always been rivals, though despite Arras being the better of the two, Halas played the political  far better than Arras. Thus it was Halas that climbed the ranks with ease, culminating in being crowned chapter master, while arras struggled to attain the captaincy of the 8th company. At the time, the chapter was a close follower of the Imperial Fists tactical doctrine and as such the 8th reserve assault company was seen as the lowest captaincy available. It was only a matter of time until Arras' anger boiled over and lead to a very heated debate with Halas, during which the latter openly insulted the former, a fact not taken too kindly by Arras' supporters, including most of the 8th. Various honor duels were fought and it didn't take long for things to get out of hand and beyond the  control of Arras and Halas. It took the intervention of a Black Templar's Emperor's Champion and his forces to stem the bloodshed, by which time over half the chapters marines were dead or mortally wounded and would never fight again. The inquisition, suspecting heresy and chaos taint wanted the chapter put to the sword, but the Emperor's Champion suspected no taint of heresy, and proposed a penitence crusade. The inquisition accepted this and declared the chapter go on a 606 year penitence crusade, one year for every marine that fell , alongside the usual forfeiting of homeworld and recruitment. Still a death sentence for the chapter, albeit a slower one. 

After the chapter accepted the punishment dealt down to them, they reorganised into a crusade force, similar to the Black Templar's, partly out of  need and partly out of respect and thanks. Of the nearly 400 marines that left on the crusade just over 600 years ago, only 16 marines survive, all of whom were raw recruits, only having been recruited weeks before the fall. The only  exception is the Chaplain. A man, who has shed his name and identity long ago to become the spiritual leader of the remaining marines.

Updated: Feb 17