Eagle Knights Chapter

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
Twenty First or Cursed Founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Blood Angels
Fortress-Monastery - 
Oberon Class Battleship Eagles Liar
Colours - 
Orange with black highlights
Gene-seed purity - 
Altered by the Adeptus Mechanicus
Chapter Demeanour - 
No Mercy, No Respite
Gene-seed mutation - 
Faulty Ossmodula
Chapter's Flaw - 
Suspicion of all others
Chapter homeworld - 
Chapter organisation - 
Divergent chapter, although close Codex
Combat doctrine - 
Close Combat
Special equipment - 
Modified Jump-Pack
Chapters' beliefs - 
Death Cult, Death in battle
Chapter strength - 
Under Strength
Chapter friendly - 
Chapter's enemies - 
Chaos-aligned groups, Inquisition
Battle Cry - 
Prepare for Death! both a pray and a warning.

The Eagle Knights were founded during the 21st founding, and although no official records of their parent chapter exists, it is suspected that they are a descendants of the Blood Angels. This is due to many marines exhibiting symptoms of the Red Thirst, and to a lesser degree the Black Rage. While the Red Thirst is common amongst the chapter, as the chapter does little to curb the bloodlust, resulting in a tendency for marines to have highly aggressive nature and thus the chapter is use to sustaining high numbers of casualties in combat, one of the reasons the chapter is understrength. This has also lead to a high number assault marines within the chapter, and an overall focus towards close combat. The Black Rage, on the other hand, is very uncommon and as such the chapter has no Death Company. Although the Black Rage is uncommon, it is not non-existent, as at anyone time there are usually fewer than a squad's worth of marines within the whole chapter who have succumbed the to Black Rage, no where near enough to warrant the existence of a Death Company.

The lack marines developing the Black Rage has been put down to the efforts of the Adeptus Mechanicus in perfecting the gene-seed during the 21st founding. While this is seen as an advantage by many, it has lead to a number of issues. The main flaw that has presented itself is the mutations of the marines bone structure, much like that of the Black Dragons Space Marine Chapter, as a result of a defective Ossmodula zygote. In a similar way to the Black Dragons, who were formed during the same founding, the Eagle Knights are viewed with suspicion by the majority of the Inquisition, with many Inquisitors believing that the chapter is tainted by Chaos. Although in contrast to the Black Dragons, the Eagle Knights comply willingly and completely with any requests from the Inquisition or any other Imperial forces, viewing their mutations as a curse not a gift. The main mutations are in the form of bone growths but can form mutations of the soft tissue.

The Eagle Knights are specialists in close quarters fighting, where their aggressive nature is most useful. Those that are not so aggressive in nature are formed into Tactical squad to support the efforts of the Assault squads. As such each company has a larger number of Assault marines and fewer Devastator squads, usually 4 assault squads and only 2 devastator squads, supported by 4 tactical squads. In addition the chapter also utilises a number vehicles, notably Rhinos and Razorbacks, tuned up to the limits of possibility, and can often be seen racing across the battlefield, in hot pursuit of the jump pack equipped Assault marines. It is rare to see an Eagle Knight walking to battle when other, faster methods of transport and therefore, faster methods of engaging the enemy, are available.

Within the Hjaltland campaign, the Eagle Knights have taken on their usual role of shock forces. Wherever there is a strong point or area of sustained resistance from enemy forces, the Knights will launch lightning raids getting up close and personal, digging out even the most stubborn of enemy.

Although, they are always happy to serve alongside other Imperial forces, their relationship with the Emperors Disciples is strained at best. This is due to the deformities' that each chapter suffers, with the Knights seeing the Disciples with contempt for inviting upon themselves the very thing which the Knights wish to rid themselves of.

3rd Company

The 3rd companies 1st Demi-company is currently serving as part of the 256th Imperial Battle Group under the control of the Inquisition. The demi-company is operating at almost  full strength, although it is still awaiting replacement marines to cover recent losses. Captain Verreaux leads the demi-company, accompanied by his command squad, a dreadnought, with three 5 man tactical squads, a devastator squad and a 10 man assault squad forming the demi-company. In addition the Priest Bonelli is attached, alongside his personal body  and command squad. In addition, a detachment of Eagles Talons, formed of the most aggressive and battle hardened soldiers, lead by a Chosen, have been assigned to the task force. The force consists of three 3 man squads and the honored dreadnought Sulawesi.
A generic assault marine from the Eagle Knights Chapter. This assault marine will be from a "second wave" Rhino based squad, as shown by the lack of jump pack. These marines are used to follow the main assault wave and re-enforce and mop up after the initial assault.

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