Emperors Disciples Chapter

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
Believed Thirteenth or Dark Founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Believed Imperial Fists
Fortress-Monastery - 
Battle Barge, the Emperors Gift
Colours - 
Dark Blue with red shoulder pads.
Gene-seed purity - 
A New Generation
Chapter Demeanour - 
Uphold the Honour of the Emperor
Gene-seed mutation - 
Biscopea organ
Chapter's Flaw - 
Pride in the Colours
Chapter homeworld - 
Chapter organisation - 
Divergent chapter
Combat doctrine - 
Ranged Combat
Special equipment - 
Traditional Weapon
Chapters' beliefs - 
The Emperor Above All
Chapter strength - 
Chapter friendly - 
Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition
Chapter's enemies - 
Chaos-aligned groups, Inquisition
Battle Cry - 
For The Emperor!

The Emperor's Disciples space marine chapter were founded during the 13th 'Black' Founding and is a small fleet based chapter, that spends much of its time in the outer fringes of the Segmentum Pacificus, guarding the Imperium from enemies from beyond the Emperor's reach. The chapter is entirely fleet based and claims no home world, nor dominion over any systems. Instead it roams at will, fighting as and when it sees fit or when called to aid other chapters or armies of the Imperium. The chapter is currently very under strength, with fewer than 400 active marines, this is due to a number of reason,  mostly the chapter has been slow to recover from the loss of the 6 companies but also due to the nature of their dispersal and the fact that the chapter is almost constantly moving from one war zone to another. Although the chapter is understrength, the recruitment process is increasing in pace in an effort to replenish the numbers but the chapter is not one to throw caution to the wind where such matters are concerned and thus reduce the quality of the chapter. Although the chapter is fleet based,  it maintains a regular recruitment ground, within the triple star system of Trigeminus Agilis. This is a system within the Segmentum PAcificus containing 4 inhabited planets and the three suns. Of the four planets, Caelestis 1 and 3 are barren lands inhabited by neolithic era nomadic people, who generally produce poor recruits and high rejection rates from the implants, possibly due to the high levels of radiation suffered by the planets due to their proximity to the suns and it's resultant affect on the inhabitants DNA. Caelestis 2 is a more densely populated planet, of iron age dwellers and produces good recruits, but it is the medieval planet of Caelestis 4 that produces the most and best recruits, forming approximately half the chapters recruits at any one time.

Whilst the founding chapter is officially unknown, many, both within and without, believe that the chapter is a descendant of the Imperial Fists, and while the chapter follows the teachings and ideas of Dorn and also Guilliman, they maintain a very different structure. This is due to the fact that the chapter is a highly mobile fleet based chapter, where each company can operate in relative isolation for long periods of time from the rest of the chapter. As such each company contains permanent attachments of Sternguard, Vanguard and Terminator squads, in addition to the 6 tactical, 3 devastator and a single assault squad, although most companies are not at full strength. The more elite squads are normal comprised of members who served in the companies they are attached too, and are promoted by the Company Masters and not the Chapter Master.  This composition reflects both the isolated nature of the companies and their tactical doctrine, preferring long range fire power over close combat, as such the assault squad spends much of its time deployed on the company's Bikes, Attack Bikes or Land Speeders. In addition, the Company Master maintains a personal Honour Guard of his most trusted and loyal men. In addition to the Bikes and Landspeeders, each company also maintain a small force of Rhinos, Razorbacks and Predators, with a few companies containing valuable Dreadnoughts. 

As many of the veterans are contained within the individual companies, the 1st company is relatively small, containing only the Chapter Master and his personal Honour Guard, as well as the Apothecarium, the Chaplaincy and the Librarius, as well as the chapter's Techmarines. However, many of these also spend their time with the various companies, usually only returning to the 1st Company at the request of the Chapter Master, an occurrence that rarely happens. The 2nd company, unlike many chapters, contains the chapters recruits, and travels with the 1st company, upon the chapters only battle barge, the Emperor's Gift. This mighty vessel is also home to the chapters few land raiders, whirlwinds, predators  and vindicators, along side its few relics.

The recruits for the Disciples are taken from many worlds, both those upon which the chapter fights and also those which it passes. Sometimes, recruits can be collected and held within the Emperor's Gift, awaiting their training for many years, while enough recruits are gathered to start the process. When a recruit has been trained and tested and are ready to join the battle companies of the chapter, they are sent out, still as scouts, to a battle company, one with which they will remain with until their demise. It is here that the final training and testing is done and it is the Company Master who decides if a Scout is ready to become a Marine.

As the Emperors Disciples prefer the use of long range firepower over close quarters fighting, spending large amounts of time perfecting their marksmanship. This is mostly due to their heritage, that of the Imperial Fists, and also due to their small numbers, where every casualty is significant. By destroying the enemy at range, before he has a chance to retaliate ensures a minimum of casualties. The chapter also maintain a large number of vehicles, mostly Rhinos and Razorbacks, both to offer protection for the marines but also to enable the chapter to deploy rapidly, to take advantage of terrain to bring down maximum firepower. This also shows in the fact that they are specialists in small scale surgical strikes and ambushes in support of larger Imperial forces. 

Like many of the 13th founding chapters, the Emperors Disciples have suffered a number of tragedies, with the loss of three whole companies to the warp and an additional 3 companies lost to chaos, either partly or wholly turning on the Imperium. Two of these companies have been purged to the man, as is only right for a traitor to the Emperor, one by the Disciples themselves and the other by unknown forces, although the Grey Knights are suspected of having involvement. The chapter also differs from many chapters in how it deals with such losses, and as such the current companies number, 3, 4, 7, 10, 14 and 15, with the lost companies not being reformed, in addition to there being no 13th company. This is due to the fact that 3 companies have been lost to the warp and may reappear at any time, and as such have not been replaced, and the companies that have turned to chaos have been removed from all records, all their deeds and heroics deleted, never to be spoken of again.

The chapter  is fiercely loyal to the Emperor, and believes in the complete destruction of the enemies of man, and that it is only this result that matter, not the means and so are willing to use any and all options at their disposal. As such the chapter is more than happy to experiment with xenos weaponry and technology or even delve in the powers of chaos for any advantage. Although the chapter is willing to use chaos artefacts and even the power of chaos itself to defeat the enemies of man, it is careful not to repeat the mistakes of the Relictors or Soul Drinker and other similar chapters. As a result, once an artefact has been studied for all that it may reveal, it is destroyed to ensure that it is of no use to anyone, Chaos or otherwise.

This may have resulted in the turning of the tainted companies and has resulted in the chapter being threatened with Excommunicate Traitoris many times, but it is a risk considered to be worthwhile in the fight for man's survival. This has however, lead to a number of run-ins with the Inquisition and other marine chapters and while the disciples aim to avoid any conflict with other forces of the Imperium, it cannot always be avoided due to the closed mindedness of many weaker servants. There has however been some who share the views of the Disciples, mainly those of the Xanthism Radical faction of the Inquisition. This has led to a close working relationship between the Emperors Disciples and several members of the Inquisition who operate within the Segmentum Pacificus. This has meant that the chapter has had some protection from those who would see the chapter excommunicated.

The close proximity of Chaos artefacts to the members of the Disciple may have also lead to another problem the chapter suffers with, a malfunctioning Biscopea organ, which results in muscular growths on the marines bodies. These can take many different forms, but mostly they result in growths for the arms. While it is an abnormality that would be considered abhorrent by many chapters, it is considered a necessary evil by the Disciples, one that must be endured by the chapter in order to rid the universe of the enemies of the Emperor. The chapter make no attempt to hide there deformities, often modifying their armour to accommodate or even enhance the growths. This is another reason that many amongst the Inquisition and many other chapter are suspicious of the Disciple and their true allegiance.

The 15th (XV) Company

The 15th company is the newest company of the Emperors Disciples and is commanded by Company Master Marcellus, an ancient warrior of the chapter, who has fought alongside the Chapter Master as part of his Honour Guard for many decades. The company is based upon the Emperor's Claw, one of the few Vanguard Class Cruiser the chapter possesses and was established less than 50 years, after the loss of the 12th Company to the warp nearly 200 years ago, and it is keen to prove itself within the chapter. Due to the company’s recent creation, it has not fought in many battles, the largest and most important campaign to date was the battle of Hjaltland, where the company was deployed in its entirety for the first time in its history. The company is currently not at full compliment, like most of the chapter, standing at Company Master and Command squad, three 5 man Sternguard  squads and a devastator squad. This means that the 15th  spends most of its time on dedicated seek and elimination missions.

The 15th are in the Hamnavoe system after hearing about the uprising and rumours of chaos artifacts being present within the system. Whilst the rumors are vague and nondescript, they were considered strong enough to divert from their current course to investigate. The presence of inquisitor Tullas also lent some credence to the rumours.
Emperors Disciple's Tactical Marine, notice the yellow helmet crest and hand, in honour of their founding chapter.
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