Stone Dragons

Why Was The Chapter Founded - 
Counter an ork threat
When Was The Chapter Founded - 
24th or25th founding
Who was the Chapter's Progenitor - 
Unknown but believed to be Ultramarines
Fortress-Monastery - 
Voyagers Keep
Colours - 
Gray and yellow
Gene-seed purity - 
Chapter Demeanour - 
No mercy, no respite
Gene-seed mutation - 
Chapter's Flaw - 
Minor flaws, including vocal alterations and skin and eye discolouration
Chapter homeworld - 
Voyagers end
Chapter organisation - 
Unique small crusading forces
Combat doctrine - 
Shock and awe
Special equipment - 
Beastial companions and combat knife
Chapters' beliefs - 
Purity of man
Chapter strength - 
Chapter friendly - 
Black templars, Ultramarines,
Chapter's enemies - 
orks and dark elder, inquisition
Battle Cry - 
Let none live

The Stone Dragons are a rather unique chapter of space marines, due to the fact that the chapter is split up into crusading forces, some as small as a couple of squads of marines up to several hundred marines, although these larger forces are usually short lived with lots of smaller bands joining together for a specific campaign before disbanding again. With this setup, the crusade commander will organize his forces as he sees fit, usually depending upon their own ideology, beliefs or position.

The Stone Dragons are spread all over the galaxy, where ever their individual quests take them, although they do maintain a home world and a fortress monastery on the world of Voyagers End within the segmentum obscurus. Here, the chapter recruit and train the numerous initiates taken from the tribes that live on the planet, although the chapter will happily recruit from any of the surrounding inhabited planets as well. Once a recruit has received their basic training they are attached to a crusading force that has returned to the world, from this point on they will receive all their training from veterans within, returning only when the crusade is done or when the forces numbers are too depleted to continue.

The chapters origins are relatively unknown. They are a very recently founded chapter, either from the 24th or 25th founding and they believe they are of Ultramarines gene stock, due to the purity of their genetic code. What is known is that the chapter was formed to guard against an ork warband, Zobgitz' Raidin Pirate mob, and a dark eldar pirate band, the kabal of the bloody nnight. These threats had been causing problems within a large area of the outer reaches of the segmentum Pacificus  for over a century, However, both of these threats were eliminated by other marine forces before the chapter had been fully established, leaving the chapter with no clear mission. It was at this point the chapter master decreed that the chapter would still fight these forces, wherever they may be found, as such the chapter organized into crusading forces to hunt down dark eldar and ork pirates all across the galaxy, hunting and chasing them wherever they may run.
Generic Stone Dragon. Most marines have modified armour and carry the heraldry of the crusade commander.

Gnarlok’s Hunters

Gnarlok's hunt is a small force of Stone Dragons that have been following a Dark Eldar pirate fleet for several decades, following them across dozens of systems. The force originally consisted of several squads of tactical marines supported by devastators and assault marines but over the years the force has dwindled to just a couple of devastators and a handful of marines. Whilst Gnarlok, who is both a priest and a psyker, is in charge of the crusade, two others, the veterans Havloc and Bannic, being both older and vastly more experienced warriors, are venerated by their battle brothers. Neither would challenge Gnarlok for leadership, as neither want such a position, but Gnarlok is still sensible enough to listen and take notice of their opinion. The other marines, a mere 10 tactical marines and 3 devastators, are also careful not to upset these two lone warriors.

Voyagers end

The world of Voyagers end is located in the outer fringes of the segmentum Pacificus and is a low technology world. The planet is formed of several large continents that cover about two thirds of the planet's surface and are located around the equator of the planet. The continents are mostly formed of flat plains broken sporadically with large forests and small mountain ranges. The general population live in a stone or bronze age existence, depending  upon the continent, with the stone dragons acting as guardians and defenders. The dragons rule as distant lords, but they are not so distant that the population do not know of them, on the contrary the chapters Druidians (rune priest) often walk the planet, without their armour, to minister to the population, and the chapters Medicade   (wolf priest) can often be seen administering to the sick if any plagues or epidemics sweep the planet. In addition the chapter lairds, made up of the chapters company commanders and senior officers, hold courts and arbitrations across the planet, decreeing and enforcing laws. In addition to these roles, the chapter is also responsible for controlling the Uncia and Onca that roam the mountains and plains of the planet. These animals are huge feline creatures as big as a man and capable of devouring one whole in a matter of minutes. While they generally cause few problems, but occasionally a creature will become problematic. Occasionally some of these animals will find it's way into the service of a laird, becoming a prized possession and pet.

Updated: Feb 17